Modern Boatbuilding

There is no doubt: Modern boatbuilding offers great possibilities for designers and engineers, but they come with a price.

Comparing aluminium to carbon fibre, you’re looking at an approximate weight saving factor of 50 % (depending on the type of structure), while the cost-increase for the production is at an average of 400 %.

High tech materials like carbon fibre are expensive, but they do not explain the immense increase of production cost. The reason why composite structures are pricey, is because they are extremely labour and skill intensive.

Building a composite structure is a complex procedure – especially if it comes to one-offs. From the initial technical drawing to the final product, many decisions have to be taken. Without the right amount of experience, skill and creativity on the job, it can be a razors edge that separates a successful result from a painful financial failure.

We pride ourselves in delivering intelligent and cost efficient solutions to your build while maintaining a rigorous swiss-quality that is renown in the industry.

PrePreg, SPRINT, Vacuum Infusion or standard Wet-Layup with or without Vacuum consolidation – we are seasoned in all the different methods and help you in choosing and applying the right one for your construction.

This is what we do…